OtterBox Unveils Latch Series for iPad

The iPad is an amazing device – it has so many uses that it’s definitely my most-used gadget, other than my Sonos music system.  However, one arena that my iPad hasn’t crossed is using it in my car.  I’d love to enable my 3 year old daughter to watch movies/shows on the iPad in the back seat – but how would I do this?

OtterBox put forward a Latch System today that makes this and many other uses. Whether you use your iPad in the field, traveling or in my case, in the car, Latch should be an accessory you should check out.

The Utility Series Latch is a case with elastic straps to wrap around the iPad.

With Latch, OtterBox has an adjustable elastic strap with velcro to help attach it to the back of a headrest or any other place.

Check out Latch – it’s available for $50 directly from Otterbox.