Option Wireless Makes Any Device Wireless Capable

Option Wireless is a company that I met recently at the Consumer Electronics Show. This darkhorse in the mobile world makes some amazing, tiny chips that can convert any electronic device into a data capable machine that can access the Internet for virtually any purpose.

That is, by utilizing an Option module in a device, a company can make it capable of hopping on a mobile broadband network, just like your smartphone.

An example of a Internet connected machine might be a handheld video game console, mobile healthcare device, digital signs, interactive kiosks or a smartphone/tablet. Amazingly, Option Wireless modules are very small, about the size of a postage stamp and as thin as a nickel. Modules from Option have built in support for a variety of operating systems including Windows, Android, Meego and Linux.

I got to see the GTM601 module and was amazed at it’s small size and capability. This new module has support for global cellular networks including GSM/HSPA, CDMA/EV-DO, GPS/GLONASS and voice. Basically, for anyone who knows about Qualcomm’s Gobi Chipset and made it easy to integrate for any hardware OEM.

You may have not heard about Option before, but they are a behind the scenes company that provides an onramp to the mobile Internet for devices you use everyday. Keep that in mind you hop online with a cellular-connected game console or life-saving healthcare device (think Internet connected glucose monitor).

Below is a video that gives more context about what Option is all about:

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