Get Ready for Nationwide Amtrak Wi-Fi From Nomad

Amtrak riders are soon going to be able to enjoy nationwide Wi-Fi service on board trains in 2011. Wi-Fi is not new to Amtrak routes as the Acela Route between Washington, DC and Boston has had it for years. And in my neck of the woods, the Cascades route from Eugene, Oregon to Seattle, Washington route just got Wi-Fi within the last month.

The vendor chosen for the service, known as Nomad, already supplies Wi-Fi service for the existing routes and now the service will be taken nationwide. Nomad can utilize multiple wide-area networks including 3G and 4G technologies to serve as the backhaul between the train and the general Internet.

Wi-Fi on a train ride can make the trip so much more enjoyable and useful for leisure and business travelers alike. Amtrak says there are 27.2 million passengers on it 21,000 routes.

What about you – is onboard Wi-Fi interest to you?  For me, it makes it more attractive when going up to Seattle – I can actually use the 4 hour train ride to do work rather than merely drive.


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