CyanogenMod 7 Available for Many Android Devices

One of the great things about Android is the open source community that releases really interesting custom versions of the Android OS. Because Android is fully open source, groups can create custom versions of the OS for different Android phones.

CyanogenMod is one of those groups. The organization has released a release candidate of Version 7 of CyanogenMod OS for many popular Android phones. Version 7 brings Android 2.3 Gingerbread to more than two dozen devices, long before Gingerbread has been officially been made available by Google or the handset maker itself.

What else does CM7 bring? As a part of Android 2.3.2, you will see a new music player, better calendar app, a new upgraded UI (more black and updated look and feel).

I loaded the release candidate of CM7 on my T-Mobile G2 (also called the HTC Vision) and so far I’ve been impressed. I have been waiting for a Gingerbread update from T-Mobile and since the carrier or HTC hasn’t produced the update, CM7 is for me.

If you have a rooted Android phone that is supported, launch ROM Manager and download CM7 RC1 today!