Sprint Launches New 4G MiFi

Sprint’s claim to fame is that they had the first 4G wireless broadband network.  Since they launched the network, a plethora of new devices have come out including tablets, the iPad, eReaders and other Wi-Fi devices that need a way to get online.  Enter the MiFi, a little device that connects any device to the internet via Wi-Fi and utilizes a 3G or 4G network for the uplink.

Sprint 4G MiFi

Sprint 4G MiFi

Last year, Sprint introduced the OverDrive, a MiFi like device that has been a bit dismal in performance.  Apparently (according to reviewers) the device has bad signal reception and poor battery life.

Sprint this week hopes to silence these concerns with the release of the 4G/3G MiFi Mobile Hotspot.  The device can utilize both EV-DO and WiMax networks for uplink, has GPS for location based services, and a nice browser-based user interface for configuration.

The 3G/4G MiFi has a whopping 1500 mAh battery meaning you can get about 4 hours of usage and 60 hours of standby time.

I’ll be reviewing this device soon and giving a full run-down, but until then, enjoy the news!