Too Cold To Dial Your Touch Phone? Use NoseDial

Now that it’s winter, many owners of touch screen phones are finding out why having a touch phone sucks sometimes.  If your finger is the main way of interacting with your phone, what do you do when you’re wearing gloves and it’s 10 degrees outside?

A new app called NoseDial is here to help.  Even if your hands are warm and cozy inside your winter gloves, your nose is likely able to interact with the touch screen.  With this, NoseDial allows you make use of your phone including navigating the contact list and even dial your phone, all while using just your nose.

I can admit that as a cyclist, I’ve used my nose to unlock an iPhone.  While you look goofy doing it, but it’s a useful way to use the touch phone when you don’t want to take gloves off.

So, would you use your nose to dial your phone? NoseDial is available in the App Store – it costs a buck.