Skype Updated for Symbian Devices

Ever since I received my Nokia N8 review device, I’ve been missing having Skype on this phone.  I make a lot of International calls to my Skype friends and not having Skype is a huge deal to me on a handset.

Skype has released an update to the Skype package that has solved my problem.

Available now, Skype has been released for the latest Symbian phones, all of which are running the latest Symbian^3.  So, owners of the N8, C7 and E5 can download and use the revolutionary VoIP client.

The latest version of Skype also includes SILK, which is Skype’s very good sounding high quality audio codec.  The company says that SILK will work well even on low-bandwidth situations.

Aside from making audio calls, with this version of Skype you can

  • IM over 3G and Wi-Fi connections
  • Make calls over 3G (Take that, Verizon!)
  • Share pictures, videos and any other file via file transfer.

To get the latest Skype for Symbian, head to on your mobile browser and you can download it directly.

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