Samsung Wants to Be Top Mobile Dog

As of now, Nokia is the leader when it comes to mobile phone manufacturing.  That is, no one makes and sells more phones than the Finland-based mobile phone maker.  There are many companies such as Samsung, LG and Apple who have been stealing market share away from Nokia; but Nokia is still number one.

Samsung has recently announced their focused intent on taking the number one title away from Nokia.  In fact, if sales numbers continue at current paces, Samsung will overcome Nokia sometime within the next three years.

To do this, Samsung is making some changes.  First, the Korean giant is shifting phone manufacturing to China and Vietname with new manufacturing plants.  Samsung sees demand for tablets and smartphone continuing to rise and desires to build manufacturing capacity to match it.  In the end, the three plants in China will account for 60% of their total production.

Other Moves

Samsung has been making some other changes to help combat Nokia and increase sales.  Just this year, Samsung has ended support for Symbian, the operating system once used by Samsung, Nokia, Sony Ericcson and a few others.  The Symbian OS has been around for a while and is dated when compared to Android and iOS from Apple.

Samsung has thrown it’s weight behind Android and this is apparent with their hugely successful Galaxy S line of phones that is selling like hotcakes.

With Nokia sticking to Symbian, many analysts see their market share loses continuing.  I’m a bit more optimisitic than that – and I know Nokia has some amazing engineering talent, so I’m hopeful Nokia can surprise us in 2011.