Christmas 2010: Must Have Gifts for Tech Travelers

As many of you know, I’m a regular contributor to the Rudy Maxa’s World – a nationally syndicated weekend talkshow devoted to travel.  This last weekend, I talked about tech gifts for savvy travelers.

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Must have Holiday Gadgets for Travelers in 2010

Amazon Kindle

Start at $139.

  • Fantastic eReader – have been around forever – the first and most mainstream eReader
  • Awesome battery life – up to 3-4 weeks with wireless turned off
  • Holds up to 3,500 books.
  • Allows you to share books between devices – on the iPhone, Android, iPod, ipad

Apple iPad

Starts at at $499

  • More expensive than the Kindle but does much more.
  • Starts as an eReader but goes beyond to do any web activity.
  • Tons of apps aimed at gaming, informational, publishing
  • Can use a keyboard with the iPad for typing documents and emails.
  • 10 hours battery life

Nokia N8 Phone

Priced at about $500

  • An all in one travel machine!
  • It is a penta-band 3G phone – meaning wherever in the world you go, you can get 3G speeds on this smartphone
  • 12 megapixel Camera / 720 p video
  • regular flash for great looking night photos
  • GPS unit with new version of Ovi Maps where you can download maps before you leave, making this a free full enabled GPS device.  Apps such as tripadvisor, opentable, and weather.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Two options; Bose Quiet Comfort 15 $300 and Able Planet Extreme – $100

  • Provide complete solace and quiet on long flights or in crowded airports.
  • Expensive, but worth the price for the peace and quiet
  • Great for enjoying movies on a flight without having to turn up the volume so loud that your ears ring.
  • Fold down for easy transport and storage

Camera Strapbuddy


  • If you have a DSLR – the big nice cameras, you know wearing them can be a real pain.
  • The Strapbuddy lets you carry these large cameras like a small bag and make it easy to swing the camera around and easily snap a shot when you want to.

ZAGG Sparq 2.0 power charger


  • A portable battery pack – for when you need a charge but can’t find or get to a power outlet.
  • Has two usb ports that allow you to charge two devices at one time whilst on the go
  • Can charge an iPhone fully 4 times.
  • Adds up to 6 hours of playback for an iPad.

Tumi Laptop Bag T-Pass


  • A very well built laptop bag
  • TSA compliant – so you don’t have to remove your laptop from the bag when going through checkpoints
  • Enough pockets and area to carry all your electronic gadgets and their various accessories including power packs, memory cards and so forth.
  • Includes a tracer system – which is a barcode whereby if you lose your bag, Tumi will track you down if a good Samaritan recovers your bag.