[Video] Comparing RIM PlayBook and iPad

RIM shared an interesting video with me this morning.  In this video example, you can see the web page rendering speed on the PlayBook is amazing…faster than the iPad.

While this is great, I’ll still take the iPad with it’s larger screen size and amazing app selection.  The video is below:

2 comments on “[Video] Comparing RIM PlayBook and iPad
  1. Hi there!

    Glad that you liked our PlayBook and iPad comparison video and noticed your comment on the differences in screen size and applications. We feel that the 7 inch form factor will improve productivity and ease of reading because it is more portable, and easy to hold in one hand. We’ve also seen lots of apps coming from the RIM developer community, meaning the PlayBook won’t be looking for apps when it launches. Plus, we’re giving away free PlayBooks to developers whose apps are accepted into BlackBerry App World (http://devblog.blackberry.com/2010/10/blackberry-playbook-apps/). Stay tuned for more PlayBook news – we’ve got lots more to share.


    Douglas from RIM
    @tron / @BlackBerry / @BlackBerryBlog

    • Samsung recently gave me a Galaxy Tab to trial.

      I agree with your sentiment about 7″…it’s a very nice form factor. For the Galaxy Tab, Android is not a good ecosystem right now for tablets, the app market is entirely aimed at the phone form factor.

      I’m anxious to see what RIM does – I hope it goes well for you guys!

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