Roku Gets Hulu Plus For A Mere $7.99/month

Roku is a set-top box company that builds a device that brings the Internet to your TV. It’s competitive with Apple TV and Google TV and, at $59, is an amazing deal. Roku has long been known as the “Netflix” box company, but now this identity is changing quite a bit.

The company announced that Hulu Plus is now available for all Roku users. This means for a super low monthly price, you can watch all TV shows and movies from Hulu and watch them on your TV. What’s the price? $7.99!

I just received a Hulu XD|S model that I’ll be reviewing soon. In the meantime, think about Roku this holiday season for your friends and family. Roku devices start at just $60 and make it possible for you to watch a ton of content for free and really cheap, if you go for a Hulu or Netflix option.

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