Nokia Situations Makes Your Mobile Smarter

There is no doubt that our mobile devices know a lot about us.  For example, our phones easily know where we are based on which cell tower we’re currently connected to, which Wi-Fi spots are around us, or by using onboard GPS, if the phone is equipped with this.  Also, if you have a smart phone, they know our schedule, so if whether we’re in a meeting or otherwise free, our mobile devices know this.

So, with these types of data points, why can’t our phones be SMARTER?  That is, why should I manually have to put my phone on silent when I go to bed or when I’m in a meeting? This is a conversation I had with pal Ricky Cadden about a year ago – that phones should be context aware enough to enable some automation of some routine activities surrounding owning a mobile phone.

Nokia obviously has heard similar feedback with the release of Nokia Situations on the Nokia BetaLabs.  Basically, Nokia Situations is a profile changer based on certain conditions.

For example, you can change profiles based on a certain time of day, a GPS location, a cell ID, or the availability of a certain Wi-Fi Network.  So, in my case, I have two Situations set – every night, between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM: my phone goes to silent.  Also, when my N8 senses my Wi-Fi network at work, my phone goes to “Meeting” mode so that when my phone rings, I get a quiet beep instead of a protrusive regular alarm.

Otherwise, when I’m in my car or out and about – my phone rings as normal.

This type of functionality makes my phone so much more usable.  My hope is that this functionality is promoted from an app to just being baked into the Symbian OS as a core functionality.

To introduce the application even better, watch this video put out by Nokia.  It puts Nokia Situations in context (pun intended).

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