Introducing the Mobile Sense Show, With Friends – Live this Sunday

Introducing a new show that you can catch me on!  A few friends and I got together and decided to give a new take on the mobile landscape.

Join us this Thursday, 9 November at 7:00 PM Pacific Time.  This week, we’ll be talking about Nokia and the current state of this once mighty brand.

I’ll be joined by some fantastic personalities in the mobile blogging landscape including‘s Editor in Chief, Jenna Gonzalez; Sloan Bowman of, and well known Nokia blogger Matt Miller, of ZDNet and Nokia Experts.

We’ll be broadcasting live on UStream.

In this episode, Jenna will be doing a giveaway of an amazing prize.  Believe me, you won’t want to miss out in the surprise giveaway.  To be eligible, you need to RSVP on our Facebook page and listen in on the day of the podcast which is Sunday evening.

Just to be clear, you must RSVP and listen to the show live to be among those elibile for the giveaway.  So go to Facebook and RSVP now.