StartTalking Lets You Focus On The Road

As an Android phone user, I really appreciate Google’s embrace of voice with the Android OS.  With my voice, I can do data entry in any text field just by speaking.  The voice recognition isn’t bulletproof, but it’s quite good and works most of the time.

However, what about those times you are in your car, driving down the road, and you want to do a certain action, but can’t because you are actively driving.  There’s a new application out called StartTalking, available now in the Android Market that will change the way you interact with your Android phone while in the car.

AdelaVoice, the company behind StartTalking, has released an application that allows you to send a text message, update Facebook or Twitter, all with your voice – no typing necessary.  The application, once launched and configured quickly, sits in the background and continually listens for a voice prompt.  That is, the application wakes up and dictates your message as you drive down the road.

To my surprise, this application does not drain your battery in a dramatic fashion.  Also, the performance is great and this application is instantly meaningful in my mobile life – as  I do a lot of driving.

Here’s a video showing more about the application – to get it, search for StartTalking in the Market.

StartTalking Overview