Skype on Android: Dissapointed Thus Far

With much excitement, I installed Skype for Android onto my Nexus One just the other day.

However, my first impressions are not good.  Here are my experiences thus far:  first, the good things.

  • The user interface is snappy and pleasant to work with.
  • I like the groups feature that allows you to look at just those online, etc.
  • It integrates with the call out functionality.  That is, when I dial a number – Android asks me if I want to make the call via Skype or the regular dialer.

The bad:

  • The client does not give me the option to remember my password.  So, if I shut the app down, I have to re-key my password every time, which is very annoying.
  • No calling over 3G!  This is a huge disadvantage as the Verizon phones can..also, the iPhone Skype client allows for calls over 3G.
  • Calling is too quiet.  When I call someone – I struggle to hear their voice, even in a drop dead quiet room.  I’m hoping Skype fixes this – because it makes Skype calls impossible.
  • No way to just exit the app.  To get out of Skype, i have to click the “My Info” tab, then sign out.  Why can’t I just exit?!

So, as you can see, the usability of the Skype Android application leaves a lot to be desired.  I’m hoping future versions improve.  Until then, I’ll use Nimbuzz for Android.