News: Skype Asks Nimbuzz To Stop Allowing Access

Nimbuzz, a well respected player in the mobile VoIP arena, has had some amazing success in the last few years.  The application and corresponding telephony service is available on many mobile platforms including iPhone, Symbian and Android.  One major selling point for Nimbuzz is the fact that it allows access to the Skype service as well.

With Nimbuzz, I can have access to my Nimbuzz contacts as well as Google Talk and Skype, all in one great looking mobile app.  Now, in a desperate attempt to become even more of a walled garden, Skype has asked Nimbuzz to stand down and stop service to Skype’s network as of 31 October.

Nimbuzz will oblige the request and cut off Skype service as of 31 October, but this is a sad day, in my opinion.  While Skype access will be cut off, I will still be able to use Facebook, Yahoo, AIM, google Talk, Twitter, MySpace and ICQ on the Nimbuzz client.

As a person who really dislikes the official Skype client on Android, Nimbuzz has been a refuge that allowed me to communicate on Skype via my mobile phone.  It’s too bad Skype is now becoming more exclusive, they’re crashing a party that made the service unlike the *other* major mobile carriers.  That aspect is now gone.

It used to be that Skype represented an alternative to the totalitarian rule that traditional telecom companies/carriers.  Now, with moves like this, the Internet telephony company is just proving to be just another phone company.

Update: here’s the official blog post from Nimbuzz.

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