AT&T Users Looking to Jump Carriers

In a new study put out by Credit Suisse, many iPhone owners admit that they are very eager to dump AT&T if given a chance.  In fact, only 63% of respondents say they are happy with AT&T enough to stick with the carrier.

What carrier would distraught AT&T customers flock to? A whopping 23% would jump to Verizon Wireless.  This is not news to anyone within my circle.  Most of my iPhone owning friends absolutely love their phone, but hate AT&T – the carrier that comes with it.

How about you?  Are you a happy iPhone owner?  Does AT&T make you happy?  If given the choice, would you buy an iPhone on an alternate carrier?

For me, I’m a happy T-Mobile customer.  Their network is strong and fast in the areas that I’m in constantly.  Also, T-Mobile’s customer service is amazing.  Anytime I have a question, they answer it with great service and intent.