Verizon Wireless Brings Skype To Non-Smartphone

Skype has been offering Skype calling on their line of BlackBerry and Android phones for a while now.  It allows you to make Skype calls (even international ones) and send Skype IMs on your Verizon mobile phone – which is very convenient.  I thoroughly enjoy being able to talk to my Skype contacts whilst on the go…with no computer or headset involved.

Now, Verizon has brought this technology to a few feature phones.  Thanks to the BREW platform and it’s application flexibility, Skype Mobile is now available on a few phones including: The Samsung Reality, LG Chocolate Touch, and enV Touch.  This makes these cheap ($20 on contract for the Samsung) phones even more valuable to those who pick one up.

Meanwhile, I can’t make a Skype call on my Nexus One.  But oh well.