The Sad State of Skype on Android

For about two weeks now, I have using a Google Nexus One on T-Mobile USA.  While I love the phone and T-Mobile’s 3G network, this platform is missing one huge piece: Skype calling.  You see, on all the Android phones I’ve used before, which have all been Verizon’s network, have had Skype calling.

Even my Nokia N900, which runs a Linux variant, can do Skype calling on T-Mobile (which is pure VoIP, unlike the Verizon Skype solution).

I understand the Android Skype lock-out, at least here in the United States, is because of Verizon’s agreement with Skype.  That is, Verizon signed Skype into an exclusive that makes all the rest of us suffer.

However, it’s really frustrating that I have a perfectly capable phone running a very modern mobile operating system and I can’t use this piece of desirable functionality.  And no, I’m not willing to sign a Verizon service agreement to do it.

So for now, I’m using Nimbuzz for Android. I have been using it for a few days and it’s a great client for it’s multiple protocol support.  I’m not sure what routing and plumbing is powering Skype calls, but it allows me to call my global contacts on my Nexus One.  Chats are supported too, which is great.

However, I am left wanting a better solution.  I want a native Skype client and I won’t be happy until I get it.  I’ve asked my contact at Skype if/when a client might be available and he won’t comment at this time.  Boo!