Talker Or Texter? Depends On Your Age

When you want to contact someone using your mobile device, do you default to calling or texting that person?

According to a recent Washington Post article, your age will affect your decision regarding what communication method you utilize on your mobile phone.

According to the article, younger cell phone users are much more apt to use SMS than to call.’a0 In fact, youth find calling an annoying way to use their phones and find it intrusive when their phone rings.’a0 Looking at numbers, In the 18 to 34 years old age bracket, the amount of minutes used per month has declined from 1200 minutes to 900 minutes over the past 2 years. Meanwhile, the number of text messages has cone from 600 per month to 1400 in the same time frame.

The article goes on to say that youngsters find phone calls to be impolite, even more impolite than the beep of an incoming text message.’a0 Alternatively, one college students says he uses text messaging to arrange a specific time for a call; which is actually a habit I can get behind.

For parents, youth report that they don’t actually listen to your voicemails.’a0 So, if you want your teenager to call you back, just simply text them and say it.’a0 Or if you *have* to leave a voicemail; just quickly say it.’a0 🙂

My question for you dear readers: is this age gap thoroughly truthful?’a0 Are there any younger cell phone users who prefer calling their contacts?’a0 Any old timers who hate it when their phones ring?’a0 I look forward to the comments!

(Photo Credit: Flickr user sean dreilinger)