Ringio Exits Beta and Adds New Features

Ringio is a great service for small businesses that I’ve written about before.  The Virginia-based Internet telephony firm is a great service that any small or medium size business can utilize to give their phone presence an extra push.  With call-center like functions such as automatic attendant, intelligent call routing, and Google CRM sync, Ringio is a great option for any business.

The service has now gone public and has added some great features as well.  If you have your own PBX, you can now route calls and see CRM displays via PBX extensions and via regular phone numbers. This means that an employee who may be remote or on a mobile can be accessible just as if they were in the office.

Also, with smart call-routing, a customer who calls in can have their call automatically routed to the company representative they spoke to last.  Or, you can set rules to route calls based on skill sets, languages spoken or any other rule based action you wish.

The most impressive piece of functionality I saw while being shown Ringio is the dashboard that pops up when a call comes in.  This screen shows the person’s name, contact information, info on last call and so on – offering the person who handles the call a rich background to build upon.  The ‘heads-up display’ makes each call more beneficial for the client and the business.

Ringio is now available for anyone to sign up with.  From talking to top brass at the company, they take their customers’ feedback very seriously.  Ringio is a great product with a fantastic management team running the show.