Mobile Carrier Goes Green To Help Ensure Coverage [Goats]

Cell phone towers are located in remote areas sometimes, in order to make sure everyone has adequate coverage.  As one might expect, weeds and other vegetation make it hard for mobile carrier employees to access the towers and make necessary repairs, when necessary.

Cricket Oregon, the local arm of the national company, has taken a unique approach to weed management that is truly a “green Oregon” approach.  Rather than spray with an herbicide or use heavy equipment to take care of the 10 foot high blackberries, the company has contracted with a goat farmer to come and eat everything right down to the ground.

This approach is common here in Oregon, where blackberry bushes, grasses and poison oak can grow around our rural properties and are a bear to deal with.  Goats are brought in and over the course of a week or two, eat everything down to the ground, even roots in some cases.  It’s a cheap way to conduct weed management and the goats are happy because they’re just munching away.

Kudos to Cricket for using this green approach and making efforts to deal with the weeds in a responsible way! Watch the video below for more details!

(photo credit: Flickr user pmarkham)