Like Wapedia But Don’t Like Ads? Get Our New Plug-in!

Wapedia for Android is one of our most popular products.’a0 Ever since this application was released, the Android audience have received it well and it consistently gets good reviews and positive press.

One of the areas we routinely get feedback on is the inclusion of ads on the Wapedia screen.’a0 We have to run ads because developing software has an actual cost to it, and ads help us recoup some of this cost on Wapedia, which is free in the Android market.’a0 However, our community has proposed offering a paid version of Wapedia’a0 that is free of ads.

To that audience, we are proud to announce the availability of the Wapedia AdFree Plug-In.’a0 This plug-in is available now live in the Market and is priced at ‘a31.79, which is less than $3 US.’a0 So for less than 3 bucks, you can do away with the ads in your Wapedia browsing experience.

We hope you find the plug-in useful and that it meets your needs.’a0 Keep in mind that the plug-in requires that Wapedia is already installed.’a0 The plug-in itself is not a full version of Wapedia.

So – go out and get it!’a0 Search for Wapedia AdFree Plugin in the Android Market and enjoy.