Announcing a Huge Update To Taptu on Android

Back in late 2009, we released an our Taptu Android app.’a0 The application was a ‘lite’ version, in that it provided a quick way to access our webpage through a desktop shortcut.

Today, we’re announcing a massive update to our Android efforts.’a0 In the Android Market, you’ll find an update that is a true native application for Taptu users on Android.

Search The Web And The Android Market

Not only can you search the mobile touch web with the new Taptu Android app, you can also search and browse top apps in the Android Market.’a0 So, now when you search to find information on a specific type of information, you’ll see traditional search results *and* top apps from the Market.’a0 For example, if you search for Weather, you’ll see the Weather Channel’s website along side the Weather Channel’s application.

What else is new in the Taptu App for Android?

  • Result Card Flick: Search results are returned in an innovative way, as a deck of result ‘cards’ that are easily browse-able. Whether the result is an image, blog post, web site, or Android App from the Market, you can flick through the cards.
  • Search Filter: Clicking on the upper right will reveal a treat as you can filter our results based on choices such as blog posts, images, or videos.’a0 Also, related search terms are displayed, helping you find similar items you might be interested in.
  • My Taptu: save search cards in “My Taptu” for future reference.’a0 Think of this as a bookmark facility inside Taptu.
  • Share: What’s more exciting than finding a cool piece of content online?’a0 The ability to share it with your friends!’a0 Taptu on Android allows you to share via Facebook, Twitter, or email.
  • Landscape View: By simply tilting your device, you can show results in landscape view, which is a popular feature amongst Android users.

So, as you can see, we’re excited to be on Android in proper form and are proud to have brought our popular user experience along.’a0 Please head to the Android Market and install Taptu and let us know your thoughts!

We’re on Twitter and also you can email to get us your feedback!

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