Adobe: Mobile Website Adoption Will Be Strong

Adobe, the prolific software maker for desktop computers, recently released a report that gave us more insight in the mobile apps versus mobile web debate. According to Adobe, 80% of respondents are planning or have already deployed a mobile-friendly website. For comparison, only 8 percent said they were interested in mobile applications.

It must be pointed out (as Mobile Marketing Watch does) that Adobe has a dog in this fight – the company’s mobile initiatives are enhanced by mobile web adoption, but the company asked 446 respondents in the Scene7 Rich Mobile Commerce Survey.

What is driving mobile strategy? Most of those who responded said promotions and driving sales, especially in retail channels.

The survey can be downloaded here, but it goes to show that mobile is a hot space to be in. With more mobile users opting for smartphones and expecting rich mobile experiences, marketers and retailers are continuing to see mobile devices as a new way to reach users and drive sales.’a0’a0 This is why only 18 percent utilize rich visualization features, but a whipping 81% plan to do so in the near future.

The last tidbit, regarding “rich visualization features” says Flash to me. This is Adobe pitching their own technology through this survey.’a0 While I agree more vendors and producers will look to deploy rich internet content on the mobile web, Adobe might be surprised that sites opt to use other video or rich media technologies such as HTML5 and/or Silverlight. Silverlight is available now for Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Symbian,

Those looking for rich experiences on mobile – which technologies are you planning on employing?