Why Do US Government Apps Favor iPhone?

There are 5 major mobile operating systems including: BlackBerry OS, iPhone OS (now called iOS), Windows Mobile, Palm’s WebOS, Android and Symbian/S60.  With that in mind, let’s look at the comScore market share results that were released just yesterday:

So, with Apple’s iPhone only garnering 25% of the US smartphone market share – why is the US Government discriminating against the other 75% of smartphone owners with their latest mobile application platform choice?  I don’t get it.

I’m sure BlackBerry owners, who are mostly corporate types, would love to be able to access the MyTSA application that would give them flight information.  Also, I would imagine that Android users might like to be able to find their local Embassy using the “Find Your Embassy” application.

I’m not sure what reason would be given for selecting one mobile platform over another for this type of information.  I don’t understand why these can’t be really impressive web applications that would be accessible through a browser and therefore cross-platform by nature, especially considering how functional HTML5 has made web applications these days.

If I go to apps.usa.gov from my BlackBerry or Android device, I’m just routed to the web sites of these agencies – I feel cheated..even though I’m using a device that has a 40+% market share…weird!