Sprint and HTC Bring Android 2.2 To Evo Soon

The Evo 4G from Sprint is an impressive phone that won me over in the brief time I had one.  The phone has a monster 4.3″ screen, a 1Ghz processor, awesome camera, and amazing 720p video recording capability.  The phone comes by default with Android 2.1, the “Eclair” version of Android.

Froyo, aka Android 2.2, is out now and the carriers here in the US have been slow to roll it out to their phones.  I recently became the user of a Nexus One from Google so I’ve been using Froyo for most of the week.  Froyo adds home screen widgets, tethering, speed updates, one-click app dates, and some other cool features.

It appears, at least here in the United States, that the Evo will be the second phone to get Android 2.2 this coming week.  Starting 3 August, Sprint 4G users will be getting the automatic update notifier and can grab Froyo then.

So, Sprint customers…enjoy your Froyo next week!