Mobspot: Portland Based App Discovery Service Launched

With today’s mobile app stores, such as Apple’s iTunes and the Android Market, finding apps is no problem.  With over 160,000 apps in iTunes and 50,000 or so in the Android market, there are lots of opportunities to find applications for any type of use you can imagine.  Apple even tries to help by providing ratings and even reviews for apps to help you choose.

However, finding the good applications has always been a problem!  For example, of the 100’s of Twitter applications, which ones are amongst the best?  This is where Mobspot comes into play.  The Portland based mobile startup is leveraging your friends to help you find the creme of the crop mobile apps for your mobile device.

Mobspot is an innovative platform that allows you to rate and suggest applications for your mobile phone.  The company supports many platforms including iPhone and iPod Touch, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Palm.

Just today, they company launched their Facebook application (that I’ve been helping to beta test) that reads your iTunes library and pulls your downloaded applications for you to rate and suggest in Mobspot.  With the Facebook app, the company is seeking to make the process of rating and loading all your mobile apps quick and easy.

This is a smart move as Facebook is the world’s leading social network.  We are already used to using Facebook to ask our friends which movies are good, which books to take on our next trip – why not use your online social circle to help discover apps as well?

To get to the Facebook application, follow this link.  Also find Mobspot on the web at

Behind Mobspot

I met the guys behind Mobspot, Justin Heikkinen and Benjamin Jacobsen in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest conference.  I immediately was drawn to these guys because a) they’re really smart and b) Mobspot is a really innovative idea and the company was based in the same city I am.

The company is the result of work behind Justin and Benjamin and they seem to be a very productive team.  Ben came from Opera Mobile and Justin has some great experience in the gaming industry.

Kudos to these two guys and lets see how far they go!

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