A Great New Series: Check Out LadyGeek.TV!

There is a new video series that I have recently discovered that is simply fantastic.’a0 Created, filmed and edited by a talented group of ladies in London, LadyGeek.tv is an outstanding series of videos that give reviews and peeks into great applications for your mobile device.

In my opinion, too many techie review sites simply pump out short reviews that explain the cool features of whatever app is hot at the moment, without explaining why a typical smartphone user would find it interesting.’a0 LadyGeeks sets out to give you a theme of apps for a certain purpose.

For example, episode 3 (embedded below) give you practical apps that will make your next trip more smooth and enjoyable.

What sets the LadyGeekTV App Show series apart? First, the apps featured are for multiple smartphone platforms.’a0 On episode 1, I saw apps for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, all in one show!’a0 Also, the LadyGeeks shy away from jargon and instead show you the upside of each application and how it can serve a specific purpose.’a0 As a bonus, the ladies give away one device per show, this week it’s the Nokia C6.

Finally, the videos are very well produced.’a0 They are informative and quirky, yet polished and professional.’a0 The videos are the perfect length at around 7 minutes, which is enough time to explain see the applications and then get on with your day.

Congratulations to the ladies at LadyGeek, you’re onto something very unique, innovative and incredibly useful!