I Am Glad You Like Your Phone

A few weeks ago over the weekend, notable bloggers such as Robert Scoble and a few others were going on and on about their choice in smartphones and why iPhone was better than Android and vice versa.

Here’s my take: it’s so great you have the phone you have!  Debating about what phone model is right for someone else is an exercise in futility, as far as I’m concerned.  Everyone has different tastes, and now there are so many choices that it’s a very exciting time.

Some folks need to message heavily on their phone, so they desire a physical keyboard.  Others are really obsessed with mobile photography, and phones such as the N86 8MP will suffice (or the Droid X).  Also, some folks like touch screens and running lots of mobile applications.

Luckily, as a mobile technologist I get to trial different phones and get a taste of every mobile platform.  But when someone comes to me and asks for a recommendation, I don’t prothletize my favorite platform of the moment.  I try to dig deep and figure out what the person’s mobile habits and desires to build up a few suggestions for them.

Just a year ago, if you wanted a decent touch experience and app selection, the iPhone was the only game in town.  Nowadays, with some fantastic Android handsets and BlackBerry having a strong array of applications, there are choices for everyone and every need.

So I guess my point is this: don’t get to wrapped up in your mobile device and try to be an evangelist.  If you’re pushy, you’ll turn people off.  Mobile phones are like cars – everyone has a choice that is for them based on their habits and needs.

Yay for mobile technology!  🙂