BlackBerry Now Offers Security In Case of Loss

In the great race that has become the smartphone debate, each platform has it’s unique offerings that set it apart.  BlackBerry devices are choice amongst business/enterprise users because they offer flawless connectivity to resources such as calendaring and email, but also because of the enterprise features offered to Blackberry Enterprise Services (BES)-enabled firms.

One key feature is the ability to wipe and secure a device (and all the information on it) if/when the phone is lost or stolen.  Now, Research In Motion, the company behind BlackBerry, is bringing this peace of mind to consumers and small businesses too.

BlackBerry Protect is a free security application that will enable users to remotely backup, restore, and locate your BlackBerry device via your computer if you ever lose your device or have it stolen.

Getting Started

The first step to securing your device will be installing the software on your desktop PC and configuring it.  You can choose what to back up, whether it’s contacts, calendar, memos, tasks, and text messages.  You can backup your device on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

All this backing up and data storage happens wirelessly, without the need to connect your BlackBerry to your computer each time (unlike the Apple iPhone).  🙂

Find Your Phone

What if you know your phone is somewhere around you, but you can’t find it?  Sure, in most cases you can just call your phone and locate it by listening for the “ring, ring” it’s doing.  However, what if you’re like me and you have your phone on vibrate at night so it doesn’t wake me at 2:00AM for emails that come in.  Loud Ring is a feature of the Protect suite that puts your phone on loud ring and makes it emit a ring for 60 seconds.

If You Lose Your Device

If you do lose your device while out and about, you can lock it from the Protect Suite and set a password – also you can set a screen to have someone call you should they find your device.

BlackBerry Protect will also allow you to find your device on a map and if worse comes to worst – you can wipe it remotely, erasing all data off the phone.

In another nice feature – because you have backed up your device using BlackBerry Protect, when you get a new BlackBerry, you can sync your new device with the data you’ve backed up.  This is a really nice feature and can get you up and running quickly.

Great, How Can I Get It?

Here’s the official word from RIM:

BlackBerry Protect is not yet generally available; it is currently in beta phase and will be launching first in limited beta through BlackBerry Beta Zone later this week via invite codes. If you’re a member of Beta Zone and don’t receive a download code, don’t worry, you will be able to try it out when it reaches open public beta later this year. If you aren’t a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone yet, it’s not too late – sign up for a BlackBerry Beta Zone account now and try out other apps available in open beta!

One comment on “BlackBerry Now Offers Security In Case of Loss
  1. I just happened to loose my BB Bold 9700 Is it possible to
    have it deactivated/rendered useless remotely.. I had no security
    code on it apart from the sim lock. I just don’t want the fone to
    be used with the data on it. It has alot of personal
    informations/emails/pictures etc…

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