Taptu Touch Search Update: Grab 2.1 Today

Fantastic news for all our Taptu Touch Web Search App on the iPhone and iPod Touch.’a0 A brand new version is available immediately in the App Store.’a0 Hit update on your device to grab the new and improved app.’a0 Alternatively, you can visit iTunes via this link.

This update brings a slew of new features and improvements, as discussed below.

Our users have reported that they like using the Taptu app to check out their favorite sites every day, so we’ve made it easier to find and share the cool items you find in Taptu.

So here’92s how it works.

Lets say you’92re on Taptu to find out the latest about the World Cup championship. You find a great ESPN site with some interesting news about the US team’92s preparation. You can then save this to read later by tapping the ’93^’94 widget then hit ’93Save’94 ’96 this article will then be added to ’93My Taptu’94 tab for future reference.

The other cool thing about this improvement is that you can use My Taptu as a neat way to collect all the sites your visit frequently ’96 all you do is just save them like in the example with ESPN ’96 you then go to My Taptu tab and you can flick through your favorite sites with a swipe of your index finger. No need to type in the address then wait for it to load, no waiting around for the app to start ’96 it’92s all there, right under your finger tips.

So if you spend all you time surfing between Facebook, Myspace, your favorite wallpaper site ’96 whatever you’92re in to ’96 you can find and save them in My Taptu.

Here are some other improvements in Taptu 2.0:

  • Share & Save Everything with just one tap
  • 1000s of New Touch Friendly Sites
  • 1000s of New Wallpapers & Images
  • Improved image resizing/zooming
  • Bug fixes (thanks, let us know if you find any more)
  • Faster loading and Searching

And lastly, for you sports fans! We’92ve also added a couple of new Top Sites stacks on the home page for Taptu giving you the very best sites to follow the NBA Playoffs and the World Cup 2010.