Study Shows Top Android Handsets and Top Carriers

The first Android handset debuted in the US Market with the G1 from T-Mobile in late 2008.’a0 Building upon the success of the G1, T-Mobile became the leading Android-offering mobile carrier as 2009 marched on.’a0 However, in mid-2010, which models are the most popular now and also, which carrier in the United States is the dominant Android carrier?

Chitikia, a mobile ad network, compiled figures and revealed that amongst handsets, the Motorola Droid has a commanding lead, accounting for one-third of all ad requests.’a0 The HTC Hero and HTC Droid Eris round out the second and third place spots, respectively.’a0 The pioneering G1 holds a respectful 8.12%, placing it high above many other handsets that are newer and more capable.

The Motorola Droid’s dominance comes as no surprise as this handset has benefited from a major ad and branding campaign from Verizon Wireless.’a0 In my observation (and I do a lot of looking at people’s phones), I have seen the Droid in many people’s hands; including teens, moms, and even a few grandparents.

The report talks about the emergence of the HTC Evo, which is very true: this handset has garnered some amazing early sales figures.’a0 However, looking at the chart in Chitika’s report, what stands out to me is the amazing dominance of HTC.’a0 In fact, 8 of the top handsets in the chart are made by the Taiwanese powerhouse.’a0 With the Motorola Droid 2 coming out and other makers becoming Android heavy – can HTC’s market control continue?’a0 Time will tell.

Most Popular Android Carrier

After examining handsets, the question remains – which U.S. carrier is king amongst Android users?’a0 T-Mobile, as mentioned earlier, used to be number one.’a0 However, according to Chitika, Verizon has taken the crown, showing more than 48% of all Android activity coming from VZW’s network.’a0 T-Mobile comes in at second with 23% with Sprint hot on their tale with 19%.

This market share shift from T-Mobile to Verizon makes sense.’a0 In study after study and even according to Consumer Reports, Verizon Wireless has a (well-deserved) reputation for having a rock-solid network.’a0 So it is of no surprise that Android users have flocked to Verizon.

Also, Verizon has had a long reputation for having lack-luster selection of sexy handsets; and now, with some well-equipped handsets from HTC, Verizon has a great selection, as sales figures show.