Ringio: Your Phone System Just Got CRM Smarts

Ringio is a new communications service that enhances any small businesses’ phone system. There are many hosted phone systems that occupy this market, so what sets Ringio apart?  This is what I was driven to find out.

First of all, lets run down Ringio’s main features:

  • “Virtual PBX”: Ringio’s service provides the ability to offer any business a big-business like voice prompt combined with the ability to transfer and route calls (think “dial 1 for sales, 2 for support”).
  • Toll Free and local numbers: add a custom number to your business that gives you a presence wherever you want.  Need a 415 number to be “present” in the San Francisco Bay area?  Just add one.
  • Smart Caller Screens: Know who is calling and the context of why they are important to your business.
  • Calling features such as find me/follow me: have Ringio call your landline, then your mobile, then your home phone…or another sequence based on your set up.

Amazing CRM Tie-In

Many small business do not have a customer relations management system, also called CRM.  CRM is a platform that allows you go track your contacts, who they work for, past contact events.  Also, many small/medium sized businesses are utilizing Google Apps to host contact information of clients and colleagues.

Ringio does an amazing thing – it integrates your Google contacts (whether in your Gmail account or Google Apps account) and integrates them nicely in your phone system.  Therefore, there’s no reason to enter in all your contacts and VIPs into Ringio – they read it directly from Google.

Also, in my talks with Sam Aparicio, Ringio CEO, the company will soon integrate with other CRM systems including Highrise from 37Signals, which is a very good move!

Smart Desktop and Mobile Applications

A huge asset to Ringio’s service is the attractive and useful AIR application that allows you to manage your virtual phone system.  In the application, you can manage your contacts, call history and call routing.

To accompany the desktop application, Ringio has developed a rich mobile application for Android that mimics much of the same functionality of the desktop application.


If you are a small or medium sized business who needs to have a smart solution to integrate CRM into your phone system, Ringio needs to be on your list to check out.  By working so tightly with Google and other CRM providers (coming soon), Ringio is an asset to any company.

Also, with the smart call routing and virtual attendant facilities, combined with the desktop and mobile applications, the service has a lot to offer.

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4 comments on “Ringio: Your Phone System Just Got CRM Smarts
  1. Between the rise of VoIP, expanded broadband service, and open source communications platforms, I can see a small revolution in digital telephony in the next few years. Products like Ringio’s are just the start.

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