The iPhone As A Business Phone

AT&T, the U.S. carrier network that has exclusively carried the Apple iPhone since the iPhone’s debut in 2007, revealed some unknown facts regarding the Apple device.’a0 Ron Spears, CEO of the Business Solutions group at AT&T, said at a conference that the iPhone has gained amazing traction inside corporations and enterprises.

You see, up until recently, the iPhone was seen as a consumer device, not intended for the security demands of enterprise environments, where RIM’s BlackBerry dominates.’a0 The old line of thinking was that the iPhone would be a security hazard if adopted by workers in a company.

However, Spears reported that some 40% of iPhone sales are made to enterprise users.’a0 Also, with changes made by Apple, the iPhone has gained higher degrees of security with each release, including the most recent iPhone 3GS.

In some cases, companies are replacing laptop computers with iPhones.’a0 Certain workers who are on the go routinely use just one or two applications on a laptop, and the iPhone can be employed as a replacement device in some cases.

What do you think?

Are you using the iPhone as your ‘work’ phone?’a0 Did you have a hard time convincing your IT group to grant you the Apple phone?

Of course, we at Taptu utilize iPhones (amongst many other phones) in our environment, but we are a mobile phone software company.’a0 We look forward to comments and discussion from readers in other working environments, including large corporations and perhaps government employ.

[Original souce: ZDNet]

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