Stlyus Available for the Nokia N8? Here’s the Reason!

Nokia is going to come out with a new phone this year called the Nokia N8.  This device, like the X6 (already out) has a capacitive touch screen, which means the screen can send your touch.  For reference, the iPhone and iPod Touch have a capacitive screen.

I recently saw a blog post whereby the author teased Nokia because the company is releasing a stylus accessory for the N8, even though it has a capticitice screen.  Here’s an image of the product:

There’s a very good reason for a stylus. Because Nokia is based in cold and snowy Finland, many Nokia users can’t take off their gloves to use their phone…which is a necessary step if you’re going to use a capacitive touch screen device.

So, as you can see, a stylus will be necessary for some users of Nokia products!