Review: OtterBox Case For Nokia E72

As I recently acquired a Nokia E72, I immediately sought out a case to house and protect this sexy business smartphone.

In my recent experience, the best cases for Nokia devices have come from OtterBox of Ft. Collins, Colorado.  I received a Commuter case for Nokia E72 and so far I have been very impressed.

The Commuter case is actually 3 pieces.  The first is a clear protective layer for the screen.  Secondly, the Commuter has a soft rubber shell that goes around the entire phone, providing protection against bumps and scratches.  Lastly, a plastic shell snaps into place, adding a solid feel.

After inserting the E72 into the Commuter case, my phone feels indestructible.  I’m guarded against screen scratches caused by keys or loose change in my pocket and against nicks from the accidental drop.

Also an important factor, the Commuter case preserves the slim feel that the E72 has.  The case adds a terrific amount of protection, without making the phone bulky or awkward.

Aesthetically , the Commuter case is all black and compliments the color scheme and professional look and feel that that E72 carries.  The Commuter is very functional too and allows access to all the ports and buttons when utilizing the phone.

At $35, the Commuter case compliments the E72 perfectly and is a definite pick if you’re looking to add protection to your beloved smartphone.