Announcing the Touch Friendly Web Directory

So the iPhone and Android devices get a lot of press and love; but there are a whole group of devices that make up a huge portion of the touch screen device market share that are capable of many functions that are sometimes left out of the mainstream tech press.

We at Taptu try to cater to all users as much as possible.’a0 So, how do the owners of Nokia, LG, Samsung, and other various touch screen brands find what’s hot on the mobile touch web?’a0 There’s no centralized app store for some these brands (yes Nokia has Ovi Store) and therefore users of these mass market devices are sometimes not able to find content they’re interested in.

Today, we’re announcing the availability of our Touch Friendly Web Directory, which is a part of — available from any touch screen device on the mobile browser.’a0 We’re bringing two new ways to discover the mobile touch web, outline below:

Browse By Category: What are you interested in?’a0 Shopping, Sport, Movies, Music, Women’s Interest?’a0 Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve explored our index and built categories that make sense to help you find what’s new and useful to you.’a0 We have built 19 categories and 135 sub-categories, available from the at the top under “Categories”.

Featured Touch Sites: Not sure what you want to view, but curious as to what Touch sites are the most popular or the best new sites?’a0 Check out the Featured section.’a0 Taptu is showing a dynamic showcase of what’s new and featured on the Mobile Touch Web.’a0 The featured section is populated according to user popularity and zeitgeist.

Why a Touch Directory Is Needed: Touch phones are now coming out at all price points.’a0 In fact, aside from the iPhone and Android devices, we’re finding our top 10 phones made up of Nokia models including the 5800 XpressMusic and N97 and some very popular Samsung and LG models.’a0 The way we see it, these touch device owners are underserved by the present offerings and we wanted to build a directory to expose the best and brightest of the mobile touch web.

Also, we’re trying to help firms and mobile web designers reach new audiences by bringing new users to their content.

Again, to check out the directory, go to on your mobile device.’a0 Also, to check out our research on the mobile touch web, go to

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