Announcing the Fourth Edition of Taptu’92s Mobile Touch Web Report

Today we are very excited to publish the fourth report analyzing the Mobile Touch Web. It has been a full quarter since our first report back in January where we unveiled, for the first time, this 2nd wave of mass market content for touch screen devices. In today’s report, we are returning to the themes of the January report to looks at the size, growth and composition of the Mobile Touch Web in context of the broader Touch content ecosystem of Apps.

Back in January,’a0 we reported an astounding 326,000 websites that have touch-friendly content.’a0 Today, this number has grown to 440,100 websites.’a0 This represents a substantial quarterly growth of 35% and an annual growth of 232%.’a0 The fourth edition of the report, available today, shows how this growth rate compares to that of mobile app stores including iTunes App Store and Android Market.

Furthermore, the report highlights some of the best-in-class examples of Touch Web site across a range of sectors – from Shopping & Services, to Entertainment brands to News & Weather sites.

The growth in touch content and rising forecast for touch phone shipments is compelling evidence that the “Touch Economy” is here to stay and likely to have far reaching implications for consumers and industry alike. To try an uncover what this means for our industry Taptu worked with mSearchGroove to convene a “virtual round table” and asked leading industry figures and thought leaders for their views on what the rise of the Touch Web means across a range of disciplines from advertising, design, OS standards and commerce. See what folks such as Christian Lindholm from Fjord, Dan Appellquist from Vodafone and Tomi Anhonen had to say about the implications of the Mobile Touch Web, see our presentation on Slideshare. We’d love to hear what you think too.

You can download today’s report at where you can also see past reports and sign up to receive future reports as they come out.’a0 Finally, check out our Slideshare page to see a summary of the Mobile Touch Web in an easy to read slideshow.

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