The Cloud-Based Company

Inc Magazine recently posted an article regarding a new class of firms who use Internet tools to make any location their office. That is, companies who don’t need a physical office where employees physically gather to do work.

With Internet-based tools such as BaseCamp, Highrise, Skype, and others, it is no longer necessary for a firm to require a physical location to meet the needs of their customers.

More than half of all organizations now have a telework policy in place whereby workers can work from home part of the week, but the businesses described by Inc are 100% virtual.  Setting up shop allows virtual firms to operate with less operating capital and allows employees to live anywhere, as long as they have Internet access.

Pal Andy Abramson’s firm Comunicano, a PR firm ‘based’ in Del Mar, CA is highlighted in the article and is the perfect example of a ‘virtual’ agency.  His employees live all around the country and provide their services in a solid manner.

Do you work ‘in the cloud’?  If so, what tools do you use to get your work done.

For me, my MacBook Pro is first and foremost followed by my wireless Everyman headset for Skype calls.  Also handy is my Sprint 3G/4G mobile data card and Nokia N900.

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