Real Time Is Boring, We’re Going Fake-Time

Fake Time!!Back in November, we launched real-time search results via our partnership with OneRiot.’a0 The integration has been great and beneficial.’a0 However, since November, things have changed and we’ve grown a bit bored with the “real-time web”.

As a result, we’re continuing tracking real-time, but we’re also going on a new route.’a0 Today, Taptu is spawning a new term: the “Fake-Time Web”.’a0 As it turns out, keeping tabs on social media conversations is really tiring and our servers have become worn from trying of keeping current of constantly changing content.

So, we’re going to start making things up.’a0 As many know, the Onion produces some very entertaining and funny content.’a0 So, we’re going to start indexing their content in our mobile applications and website in addition to some other sources.

We figure it’s easier to just start making up content, rather than trying to keep up with what’s constantly being said on the web.

Look for the new functionality in an upcoming release.’a0 We look forward to feedback, if you have any!

(Photo credit: Flickr User Skinny Ships)

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