Haiti Relief Marks A Milestone in Mobile Giving

It turns out more and more people are reaching for their mobile phones when the time comes to help out causes they believe in.’a0 The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) released figures that show that an increasingly number of mobile phone users are donating to causes.

According to the numbers, 23.4% of British, French and German donated money to the Haitian Earthquake relief effort, of which 21% utilized text messaging and 7% by visiting a charitable website on their mobile device.’a0 France and Germany citizens were the most likely to text in a donation with 30% and 26% of these countries’ populations utilizing this easy way to help out.

SMS ShortcodeHere in America, the Red Cross set up a short code to quicken the process for US mobile users.’a0 The shortcode raised tens of millions of dollars for relief efforts and was buzzed about heavily in the social media world including Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites.

According to MMA’s study, countries with younger populations donated more by text, showing a great sign for the future of mobile giving.

In our latest Touch Friendly Web report, we noted this interesting trend, whereby non-profits and religious groups are using the Mobile Touch Web to raise funds.’a0 However, as we saw in our research, organizations need to take the next step in building secure and easy-to-use websites to encourage and drive charitable giving.

What started with the Tsunami that affected the Indian Ocean area a few years ago and now with the Haitian earthquake, it’s very uplifting to see mobile technology making it easier for folks to financially support the charities and causes they believe in.

Has your organization seen an uptick in mobile giving?’a0 I’d love to hear your story, please leave a comment below.

(Photo credit: Flickr User tfdavis)