SXSW: Taptu and OneRiot..Dine With Dino, Day 1!


While bloodthirsty and terrifying, you may be surprised to find out that
dinosaurs are in fact sentimental creatures. Yesterday was their first day on the town at SXSW, and those little guys had so much fun they decided to make a scrapbook. To follow’a0their adventures around Austin, check out their online album. They’ll be updating it throughout the next couple
days as they meet new people and scare some panelists.


These prehistoric predators will be back again only for the next two days,
so keep a sharp lookout for them. If you snap a picture with these little
beasts and are the first to meet us at our secret Loopt restaurant location,
(OneRiot & Taptu tweets will let you know,) you snag a
$100.00 gift certificate to grab some grub.

Happy Hunting!

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