Coming Soon: High Quality Skype Video Calls With Everyman HD

Andy on HD Video

Yesterday, I was talking to pal Andy Abramson via Skype video chat.  Andy said it was too bad I was on my MacBook Pro.

I asked him why and he said it’s because he had a prototype of a new webcam from the folks at Freetalk.

I switched the video call over to my Windows laptop running Skype 4.2 and I saw the difference immediately.  Andy was sending me full 30 frames per second of 720p HD quality video.  I could see very fine details that I’ve never noticed in hundreds of Skype video chats I’ve seen before.

I’m excited to get my hands on a camera such as this.  There is a new standard coming in web video and Freetalk and Skype are at the forefront of it.

For those interested, the FreeTalk Everyman HD Webcam will be available in April for “less than $200”.

3 comments on “Coming Soon: High Quality Skype Video Calls With Everyman HD
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  3. Well, it’s such awesome news update. I’m surprised to learn about High Quality Skype Video Calls with Everyman HD from this post. Nice to see the camera on your hand as well…….. Thanks for sharing this special reports 🙂

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