Announcing the Second Edition of Taptu’s Mobile Touch Web Report

Report HeaderToday we’re pleased to publish our second report analyzing the Mobile Touch Web. In the first report we introduced this second wave of content for touchscreen mobiles and illustrated the major categories of this significant, new and fast-changing ecosystem. We were taken aback by the industry reaction to the first report which led to some lively debate about Mobile Apps vs Browser (check out the comment section on ReadWriteWeb).’a0 In today’s we report we dive into the largest content category, Shopping and Services.

First, some statistics: we estimate there are approximately 83,000 mobile touch websites devoted to shopping and services. Why is this significant?’a0 This type of content is over-represented on the mobile touch web accounting for about 26 per cent of all sites. Compare this to app stores where the largest category is Games and Shopping and Services accounts for fewer than 4 per cent of all apps in the App store (approximately 6,000- see Taptu’s January report for more details). This finding supports our view that the Mobile Touch Web’a0 is going to play an extremely important role in the future development of mobile commerce.

Domino's screenshot

In today’s report we breakdown the Shopping and Services category into it’s sub categories and highlight some of the very best sites. We also suggest some of the factors which we think contribute to making a best in class mobile touch web site.

You can download today’s report as well as sign up to receive future reports hot-off-the-press by visiting’a0’a0 And for those of you who are new to the Mobile Touch Web we posted an overview on Slide share which provides a great introduction and context to this new mobile ecosystem.