An N900 Amazing Feature: Group Skype Calling

Skype On T-Mobile and Nokia N900

I’ve been using the Nokia N900 now for a month or so and I am finding so many cool uses for this phone.  You see, I do a lot of Skype calling throughout the day because I work with folks up and down the West coast of the U.S. and folks in the UK quite a bit as well.

The other day, we needed to do a Skype conference call with 3 other folks – 1 in San Francisco, 1 in Denver, and 1 in London.  I didn’t have my computer with me, just my mobile phone: that is, the all powerful Nokia N900.  We fired up a Skype call with between one other participant and myself…then added the 2 other folks.

It was awesome, I was doing a cross-country and cross-Atlantic VoIP call over Skype on the N900.  Oh and also, this was over T-Mobile’s 3G network, not over Wi-Fi!  This phone is amazing!

Also, the sound quality was excellent…no cut-outs or anything.