Nokia N900 Now Natively Supports Twitter With Update

I have been using a Nokia N900 regularly for about 1 month now.  I’m finding new uses for it every day and it is really coming a part of my must-have daily routine where technology is concerned.

One facet of the N900 that I love is the messaging and IM capabilities.  You see, on the N900, there is an app called “Conversations”.  This Conversations utility, out of the box, supports SMS (text messages), Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Skype, and many other messaging utilities.

What this means is, is when a message comes in to you, whether it’s from a text message, Skype contact, AIM contact, it all goes into one facility. Therefore, there’s no messing around with multiple applications to manage all these messages.

Well, today I got a notice to update Conversations…now this app has the ability to manage Twitter!  This is an amazing tool, for me. Now I can access my Twitter timeline, Twitter direct messages, and my @ messages.  This brings a whole new level of utility for me..all my communication needs are handled in one app.  So cool!

To put in in practical way: when I want to contact my pal Ricky Cadden, all I do is pull up Conversations on the N900 and now I can either: send him a regular text message, Skype IM, Google Talk message, Twitter direct message, or Twitter @ message…all from one application!!

Here are some screenshots of the new Twitter capability of Conversations:

Setting up the the N900 to access your Twitter

Setting up Twitter

How the Timeline looks in Conversations:

Twitter Timeline

To find this utility, you must enable the extras-devel repository in Application manager.  To do this, check out Mark Guim’s excellent guide.