Taptu iPhone/iPod Touch App Featured in the App Store

Taptu iPhone App Featured in the App StoreW00t! – we’re a bit happy over here at Taptu Towers as the nice people over at Apple are featuring Taptu on the App Store homepage this week. As a startup it’s always nice to get some recognition and in the spirit of blowing our horn we thought we’d share with you some of our favorite reviews of Taptu.

From the App Store

“It really gnarly”

“Let me just say it plain & simple, I LOVE IT!! The best search app for the iPhone & iPod touch EVER!!”

“I’m amzed”


“It nice get it if if u don’t got it I’m just say”

“This app us freaking awesome I love it I use it all the time fir everything I do. It gives me great and vivid results and pics for whatever I need or want. U MUST GET THIS APP. . A billion gazillion fafillion.”

“Best freaking app ever!!! Plus it’s free!!!!”

“I have only had the app for 3 hours and it is already a game-changer. I love that the search engine is tailored to iPhone apps and Internet material.”

“It is sick nasty”


and I think this is our favorite ever review. Thanks again to everyone that supports what we do.

“well taptu as I think it is called is one o the most resourceful apps!
=) it’s everything I need!! it’s pretty much one of my favorite apps!
it’s sooo awesome<3 there’s not an app tht can reach the level of
awesomeness that taptu is at!!:) thank you to whom ever created this
forever and always, yarethecreamchesse ^________^”

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