New Feature Release: 1.7 Out for iPhone/iPod Touch

Taptu Reaches 1.7 on the iPhoneWe’ve released a new version of our Taptu Search Application for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform.’a0 The new release is aimed at enhancing your iPhone search experience to get more out of the touch-friendly web!

Here is what you expect from the 1.7x version:

  • Thousands of new touch friendly sites to search and discover!
  • Brand new image and wallpaper sources
  • Backend engine tuning: new speed for your searches!
  • Bug fixes and enhancements (please let us know if you find others)

As you can see, this release is aimed at making sure your search results are richer and more valuable.’a0 With new images to choose from, you have a whole slew of options for saving images for your background on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Also, our backend enhancements should quicken your searches and improve your overall experience inside the application.

As always, if you find new bugs or have any positive or negative feedback, please connect with us on Twitter or via email at, your choice!

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