Foursquare and Gravity Problem: Can’t Check-In Indoors

Foursquare logoAs my close online buddies know, I’m addicted to the social location based game, Foursquare.  For those not familiar, Foursquare is a game where you “check-in” to locations while you are out and about.  With check-ins come points, and badges, and if you’re the person who has check in the most at a location in the last 60 days, you get to be ‘Mayor’.

It may sound silly, but it is a fun game that adds a bit of entertainment to your daily travels.

The best way to utilize Foursquare is via a mobile app.  In fact, the app on iPhone and Android are both stellar! However, for my Nokia phones, there is no official Foursquare client.   There are two ways that I’ve been doing check-ins with.  The first is with the Waze client on Symbian via their app.

Yesterday, via a post on Symbian-Guru, I saw that the latest alpha builds of Gravity, a popular Symbian twitter client, is now allowing you to check in to Foursquare.

The Gravity client works well while outdoors…it gets the GPS coordinates from the on-board GPS and lists venues near you.

However, I’ve come across one major problem. If you happen to be indoors, GPS won’t work (because GPS doesn’t work at all while indoors) and therefore it can’t find you to give you nearby venues.

For comparison, Barriosquare on my N900 and the official Foursquare iPhone app will give best guess while you are indoors based on the cell tower you are connected to.

I’m hoping a fix exists that may just be a preference I need to set.  If anyone knows of one, please comment below and educate me.